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The marvelous fight scenes in Blade and Soul are fun to watch

Blade & Soul seems to have taken some lessons from Queen's Blade: Rebellion there, being more interested in introducing us to the cast than doing anything meaningful with them. Yet, the show apparently has the time to run these subplots about an idiot who considers himself a hero, yet he's more concerned with his own image than the well being of anyone. But in doing so, they basically promoted the idea that it's quite alright for a village to survive by producing a flower that will eventually be made into a drug that ruins lives, and quite easily at that.

Someone asked me how it was to play on Team Speak and my honest answer was... "If you can get into combat and stay in combat from level 1 to max level, then you will enjoy it as the combat is amazing. If you break combat and then realize you are fighting the same mobs you were fighting a few levels ago only now they have a slightly different name, you will get bored fast and stop playing." This has to be one of my top games of the year so far and I am looking forward to the actual release of it.

But until that day I will just have to enjoy my weekends of playing the Closed Beta and learn all the tips and tricks before the actual release. Who knows, I might actually find a new favorite class to play! Happy gaming everyone! What ultimately turned me off about the characters was the embarrassing breast physics that caused every woman's chest, big or small, to bounce around like two helium balloons on a windy day. I realize that skimpy costumes and absurdly bouncy chests are par for the course in anime, but the adolescent fantasy detracts from the whole thing - I want to play as a bad ass fighter, not a hyper-sexualized doll.

It's also a grind to find the proper transformations to upgrade your equipment and all eight pieces of a soul shield, which effectively replaces armor, while your inventory becomes easily cluttered with lots of crafting ingredients. You'll need to head through group dungeons and defeat field bosses over and over again to acquire the necessary ingredients or pay an exorbitant amount of money through the marketplace for transformation stones near the endgame.

Particularly so when you notice the fact that the vast majority of abilities are contextual. The game never requires you to remember a complex combinations of keys to press, it just needs you to pay attention. For example, getting knocked to the floor will unlock counterattacks with a variety of options for you to recover in, providing you can do them in time. This does mean that you're never overloaded with a huge number of hot keys, which makes it all the stranger that the UI before you personally fix it, is terribly cluttered.

Blade Dancer takes the basic idea of the Blade Master, but sacrifices defenses for offense and speed. The Assassin is all about your best Ninja fantasies, with a Decoy counter move and the ability to move swiftly around the battlefield. The Kung Fu Master is heavy on combos and counter timing, being one of the harder classes to play. Finally, the Summoner casts magic from a long-distance, while a cat familiar deals damage up close.

Speaking of fighting: The marvelous fight scenes in Blade & Soul the MMORPG are very attractive and fun to watch, whether it be from actual gameplay or from a cut-scene. But here, in the B&S anime, the fight scenes are so short that they'll fly past the viewer's head before they even realize it, only lasting about a minute or so. These fights scenes could have easily turned a dull anime into a tolerable one, but they spared very little effort to showcase these scenes as the crowning achievement for the show.

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