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Blade & Soul features a combination of martial arts inspired combat and qinggong in an open-world environment. It became more and more popular with the releasing in Western territories on January 19, 2016. So, a reputed BNS Gold online Store, is here for you to buy cheapest Blade and Soul Gold. All the Gold we offer is always the cheapest Blade and Soul Gold.

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Gold sellers and bots are currently a huge problem in Blade and Soul

Where Blade & Soul excels and innovates is in its combat. There's no tab-targeting, no auto-focus, and no static action bars. You have to aim at the enemy you want to attack with the game's camera, so if you visually miss a strike, it misses in-game. (You hold Alt to change mouse movement from camera to cursor, so you can select menu items.) When you're in combat in Blade & Soul, things are constantly shifting. You'll have one set of attacks and as the battle progresses, what's available to you changes.

Is your opponent down? Here's a follow-up attack to stomp them into the dirt. If you've stunned an enemy, perhaps you want to grapple for an alternate set of attacks. Did another player just knock down that target? If you use the right attack, you'll create a combo with them! So how do I feel about the game after a week of post-launch play? I made a list. This is a very free-to-play game, from the daily spins of the Wheel of Fate or whatever to having to purchase expanded inventory slots to the endless parade of things to be unlocked. Folks who cannot bear such things would be wise to avoid Blade & Soul.

So initial impressions of Blade and Soul were not great. As with other MMO launches the servers had massive queues and disconnection issues resulting in some furious forum posts, especially from the people that had paid for the head start. I couldn't even connect to the EU server for a week because of a server connection issue, but I managed to make a character on the US server after some time. Those that managed to enter the game found it impossible to communicate due to the huge number of gold sellers spamming every possible chat channel.

Gold sellers and bots are currently a huge problem in this game, even advertising in the cross-server dungeon channels. Blade and Soul features three main modes of transportation: fast-travel, sprinting and gliding and last but not least, the Dragon Pulses. First is the fast-traveling option that requires that you have visited a key location at least once and from then on you can select the hot spot and fast travel back to it, incurring a small cost depending on how far you will be traveling. Secondly you have the sprint and glide mechanics which use up your stamina gauge.

Thankfully, getting around the world to do a lot of these quests is a blast compared to most MMOs. For starters, there are no mounts in Blade & Soul; instead, your character is skilled in "wind-walking," an ability that lets you sprint outside of combat at high speeds. While wind-walking, you can jump to take to the air and glide effortlessly over terrain. As you level up, your ability to wind-walk improves as well. Towards the end, you'll find yourself walking up walls and diving from waterfalls effortlessly as you traverse the landscape.

For Blade & Soul's launch, four races and seven classes will be available that players can choose from, with 30 dungeons to explore and a level cap of 45. Plenty to keep you busy there, but if that isn't enough, one of the most unique selling points is the 1v1 Arena, where players are given the chance to compete in the forthcoming Blade & Soul World Championship eSport. Yes, you too could be flying the flag in NCSoft's very own version of the Olympics. Of the four suitably Oriental-sounding races to play from, the Jin are the closest to humans, being the middle ground in terms of stats, but with access to the most fighting techniques. The Lyn are a slightly bizarre looking animal-like race, with long ears and fluffy tails.

Given its popularity and fans' patience for a western release, I have no doubt that Blade & Soul will make waves when it's finally released tonight at 12:01 AM EST. With just over 7 hours remaining in the countdown as I write this, I imagine a lot of MMORPG enthusiasts are eagerly waiting on the edge of their seats for the game to go public.