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Gamers would get special perks inside the Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul does, however, manage to squeeze a little more juice out of the genre by emphasizing combo-based combat that isn't simply mindless hacking and slashing or spamming spells. By the time my characters had reached level ten (out of 45), they had two main attacks and three additional combo moves, such as a kick/slash combo, or a grab and slam attack. Combat is actually quite fluid and dodging enemy attacks and putting together effective combos is fun.

The ability to respond to and chain attacks with other players in a party results some wild, acrobatic, martial arts-movie chaos. It's the first MMO where the questing didn't bother me. I've made at least 4 characters and could do it all again, not that I enjoyed questing but it really wasn't that bad. Getting to max level can be done in a few days if you “no life” it up. There are even guides showing how to get max level in 15 hours. However, you don't want to do that unless you are a veteran or really don't care about the story.

As the Summoner class, for example, I use a couple of melee attacks until an icon pops up, allowing me to initiate a stasis attack that holds the enemy (some Island of Dr. Moreau rhino-toad in this instance) in the air like a Jedi. I then have the option to either toss him in the air or set him on fire, and as I level up and learn more skills, I'll have more options that will lead to different combos. Just so we're clear on this: the show is based on an MMORPG with a heavy focus on martial arts fighting, and its fighting scenes look mostly terrible. That's not good. That's not good at all.

I always thought that if I can have that feeling when not knowing what is happening (because it is all in a language I do not understand) then it would make for an interesting questing system once it's in a language I understand. This was the case with Aion. I originally played it in Chinese, thought it was brilliant and then played the European version when it was released. With Blade & Soul I actually felt demotivated and bored when questing, the questing actually made me what to log out and play something else, which is not good at all. I never struggled to beat them as an incomplete party well beneath the recommended level.

In August, NCSoft announced that it would be offering “Founders Packs” to go along with the open beta. The company announced that there are three editions of Blade & Soul Founder's Packs, all of which offered access to Closed Beta and Head Start access. The company said that while other perks would come along with the founders packs that were purchased, gamers would get special perks inside the game when the open beta launches. It was during this announcement that NCSoft said it expected to be able to launch Blade & Soul in the first quarter of 2015 in both North America and Europe.

Overall Blade & Soul was a fun experience, the PVP definitely made the game more fun as the PVE combat itself (at least for the first few hours) was generally a little too easy and didn't provide much of a challenge, the first quest boss we faced was permanently camped by about 10 people so it wasn't much of a challenge. The graphics were generally pretty inspiring and the world felt huge because of it, even with the early game areas we checked out, they were pretty immersive.

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